New Life

by Christa Renee Band

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Written and recorded over the last two years, we wanted this to capture, the mix of genres and journey we take you on during our live shows. Enjoy!


released April 21, 2015

All songs written by Christa Renee DaSilva except "Senseless" written by Christa Renee DaSilva and William Josiah Erikson
Recorded at Dirt Floor Studios (2014) and Cottage Industry Studios (2014-2015)
Produced by Christa Renee and Wm Josiah Erikson
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Wm Josiah Erikson



all rights reserved


Christa Renee Band Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Peace
Peace I bring you oh oh
Say you judge a man by the courage of his gun
No love for battle, cause one man lost means no one won
Peace I bring you oh oh
One clear bright day, man raised his hand
In one hit him wipe away the dignity of that woman
Peace I bring you oh oh
When the world is all blown up and no one's left to stand
Would you say peace, peace please
Peace I bring you oh oh
Brother killing brother over holy land or over some street corner
This foolishness this foolishness must end
Peace I bring you oh oh
Track Name: Of the People
Fever rising higher
Fever no denial
It's in my bones
They're in my bones

Slaveman, slavemaster, immigrant,
sinner, paster
They're in my blood
They're in my blood

Blood of one, blood of the nation
Why must we fuck with
All of creation, it's on our hands
Blood's on our hands

Whoa yo whoa yo yo yo

I, me, of the people
We one, of the people
We are one
We are one

Stand up, stand up and fight
Freedom our birthright
Ours to take
Not yours to give

I, me, of the people
We one, of the people
We are one
We are one
Track Name: Anonymous
We were kids we were kids
Yesterday just kids
Breaking rules, running free
How it used to be
No second thoughts or regrets or responsibilities
Breaking rules, running free
Oh how it used to be

It calls, sometimes screams
Come back to me
It calls, sometimes defeaning
Come back to me
With long arms but so empty

We don't laugh, we don't joke
In this stuck place we broke
So many years and regrets
Trespasses did beget
I crave drugs, I crave drink
Mostly not to think
About who I been, what I done,
Who I'm not, where to run


Where do we go from here
Release our fears, forgive our pasts
Let go at long last
Or do we just stay stuck
In the mire and the muck
Wishing we were kids
And accept the consequences
Track Name: New Life
One day, one special day
Gift given, you can't take away
One day, one special day
Gift of life, taken now repaid
Now repaid

Turn your back on no one
Darkness can come and cover the son

He's got eyes
My father's eyes
To see the world, open wide
Watch you grow, watch you thrive
Looking down, protect his life
Protect his life


Da da da da dum do day
da da da da dum do doh

New Life

Da da da da dum do day
da da da da dum do doh

New life
Track Name: Set You Free
Hear you still in a Harley roar
Kind of guy you can't ignore
Biker's heart, change in mind
Kind of guy's hard to find

Broken bones, broken lives
Trouble brewing head first he'd dive
Then one day, he'd seen the light
Came too hard to not do what's right

Let go it'll set you free

My protector and my friend
Real mofo til the end
Pick you up if you were down
Little things most profound


Life's too short it goes too fast
Take this day for granted, could be your last

Redemption came for a sinning man
Ends too soon so hard to understand
Soul was willing, flesh was weak
Truths still left to speak

Track Name: Viva
Life is power
Life is sweet
When it's sour, leads you to retreat
Life is fire
Life is cold
Filled with pain and pleasure untold

If the fire in your life is sweet
Gotta dance and move your feet
And if the fire in your life is cold
Gotta move to ignite your soul

Life is real
Life is dreams
Cannot predict what is unseen
Life is hope
Life is heart
It's the road, detours, bumps and false starts


Viva life, viva revolution
Live to your dying breath
Viva life, viva revolution
Live til there's nothing left


De ilusion tambien se vive

Track Name: The Best
People say racism don't exist
Wonder why we must insist
Ingrained deep in our consciousness
The guilt, the shame, to strive and resist

Are we the best, we the best, we the best yet?

Money rules everything around
Satellite sky, oil underground
Fool's gold, all come crashing down
The people pay money owns this town



Always strive to be the best
Compete, fight, conquer, what's next
You don't agree you've failed that test
Mediocrity with all the rest

Track Name: Senseless
Terrorize me with your loaded gun
Criticize we and watch me run
Gonna run, run, watch me run
Death toll calls now
For a head
One eye for an eye
Freedom rings red
Red, red, blood red

Simple truth, between me and you
I just don't understand
It's black and white, wrong and right
It's just senseless man

Pick up the pieces now
And move on
Just like in September
Stain still haunts
It haunts, haunts, like a ghost

Well evil's alive and well
Fearless we stand
With guns and bombs and drones and cells
When will end it
Will it end, end, will it ever end?


We gotta stand up for a change
It's time we stand up for a change
Track Name: Just Leave
It eclipses
Your dark hold on me
So transparent but I can't see
I can't see what's right in front of me

Beautiful lady
He's got your mind all bent
And he'll push and pull it out of shape
To hide his true intent
He'll do anything to hide his true intent

Don't need no doctor
For what's ailing she
Just gotta get him out of her head
Find the will to leave

So transcendent, his selfish ways
And he'll pick her up to let her down
She's a fool to stay
She's a fool fool to stay
I was a fool a fool to stay

Don't need no doctor for what's ailing me
Just gotta get her outta my head, find the will to leave

What's it gonna take
Before you gonna break
Is it just you're stuck
Or just so in love
What's it gonna take
Before you gonna break
Is it just your stuck
He don't give a fuuuuuu

Oh oh oh

Track Name: War is Over
You haven't won one, you haven't won
The war is over you haven't won

Give it all for your right and your cause
Follow through on your rules and your laws
Sacrifice without thought or pause
Lose it all, trade your life for applause


Terrified to think for yourself
Holding over you, power and wealth
Hang up your virtue onto the shelf
Long gone is your true sense of self